Wagonette Yukon – Pair Horse

The Yukon is a popular training/recreational vehicle available for horses from 15h to 18h.  A popular option, the “step through” passage, allows easy access to the box seat from the passenger seats. The rear of the wagonette can be open with two wide entry steps or closed with a small door and a single step that can swing under the carriage. Both the track width and the length of the rear seats can be custom ordered. The weight of the base model below begins at 800 lbs. With pneumatic tires the ride is softened, braking is improved, and the load for the horses lessened, particularly in soft footing. When equipped with the independent trailing arm air suspension and pneumatic tires the Yukon is the perfect equine ATV.

Base model price: $ 7145.55  ($1.35/Euro) Includes:

  • Standard axle and leaf spring suspension
  • Marathon type “bucket” seat for driver
  • Wheels with pneumatic or hard rubber tires
  • 4 Wheel hydraulic disk brakes, Bosch calipers
  • Rear seat length 43” (110cm) Track 140 cm (55”)
  • Pole and shafts & quick change hubs
  • Crank park Brake

Shipping from Bozrah, CT. and sales tax where applicable not included, prices subject to change without notice

Some of the options available:

  • Independent trailing arm air suspension $ 370
  • Extra marathon type seat for co driver  $160
  • Rear seats longer than 110cm  (43”) : each 10 cm (4”) $60
  • Track wider than 140 cm (each 10 cm or 4”) $90
  • Step through (passage) $75
  • Stainless Steel Brake rotors  (4)  $160
  • Light package: running lights, emergencyflashers & turn signals  $280

step through passage, rear door &  swing step

Wide rear “marathon” type step chain latch
on opening & crank park brake

Flat companion seat & lengthened rear seats